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Project of a Multicultural Centre in the Golan Heights.

A letter by Teresa Nacli (from Brazil)

The purpose of my letter is to appraise you of a project to create a cultural center on the Golan Heights and to solicit your assistance. My family has lived and owned land on the Golan Heights, at the foot of Mount Hermon, for several centuries.

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Map of the Height of Golan

However, my family had to leave the area in 1925 because of the political situation. Since that time our land has been managed by responsible individuals. This land has now been annexed to Israel as a result of the war of 1967.

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Actual Map of Occupation

The aim of my project is to create a cultural center for all religions and ethnic groups of the area to preserve their history.
During a recent visit I made to the region, I spoke with some local authorities who expressed great interest in my project, and indicated they would gladly cooperate.
They asked me: Who is giving the land? What cultures will be preserved? - How will this help to advance peace? The families of Abou Moussa Girius Nakhle and Hibrahim Afandy Abu Jamra, my grandparents, are offering the land for this Peace Cultural Project.
My family (Hibrahim Afandy Abu Jamra) has had this land for several generations preserving the history. My great-grandfather was the last chief of the Nazaras (people from Nazareth, city of Jesus) and my family was responsible for the care of Jesus' land.

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We were the first Christians in that area. On the other side of the family ( Abou Moussa Girius Nakhle), we came from the Levi’s, Moses family. We would preserve the history of many religions: Christian, Jewish, Moslem, Druze, Palestinian, ancient Greek, Persian, Egyptian, East Indian, Tibetan, etc. in short, of all religions willing to participate in honor of Peace.
How will this help Peace? By offering new ideas for peace in that area, preserving their history, their religion, their land, families and dreams. The Project will unite three (3) countries: Lebanon, Israel and Syria with peace, art, music, education, tourism and happiness, instead of landmines, weapons, and soldiers.

I would like to work on diplomatic relations through the United Nations, open borders to free movement, and the establishment of joint projects in the fields of human rights education, religion, culture, economic cooperation, and the industry of tourism.

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The region in the 242 resolution of UN.

I am Brazilian with Arab and Jewish blood. I will always respect my heritage and I am proud of my ancestor's history.
I learned to love Arabs and Jews in Brazil. It is what I have inside my heart, and that is what I want to share in my lifetime.

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I am a dreamer, I know, but I am not the only one. Shalom! 
Respectfully yours,
Teresinha de Jesus Nacli 

Curitiba - Parana -Brasil



UPDATED 15/02/2004 new11.gif (941 byte)- Syrian Arab Republic (under Israeli occupation since 1967 UN RESOLUTION 242). My family expects payment of US$21 billions of dollars, from the Israeli Government for occupying our family land for so long as a rent and using our land and natural resources to make money and NOT invest in the area to bring PEACE and SECURITY. Special for the Israelies, Druzes, Palestinians People and for all countries involved in this tremendous Holocaust that we see on TV everyday.We will give half of this money to Unesco & Universidade Federal do Parana (Vice-Reitoria) Brazil, to use in this project and half to pay the Syrian Government and my family suffering for the use of our home land for so long and INVEST IN PROJECTS IN THE AREA with mutual cooperation of the Druze People (descendents of Jetro), Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Jordan, ... Fields of action • Education for a culture of peace and non-violence•

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Map of the water in the region

Sustainable economic and social development •Respect for all human rights• Equality between women and men• Democratic participation • Understanding, tolerance, solidarity• Participating communication and free flow of information and knowledge. I am working for years with a lot of difficulties on this project. I had never ask for any donations, but as the world leaders have so much money to finance war and weapons to destroy the birth of our civilization,I had decide to challenge the same leaders asking for big money for PEACE as Peace deserves it! Will seek both from UNESCO to transform the are as "World Heritage" Patrimony of Humanity and Local Peace Zone status whereby the region may freely develop its projects and fulfill its mission. "Preserving cultural property and rendering it accessible constitute- means of encouraging mutual understanding among peoples and thereby serve the cause of peace..." Golan Heights. •(Original documents date 910 and re-confirm by the Syrian Government 1965) Golan Peace Cultural Project Which addresses the urgent need for permanent institutions dedicated to the Culture of Peace and Self-Sustainability in the Middle East. It bases its appeal on an innovative approach to creating a Culture of Peace that combines secular human development in the arts and humanities with principles of the interfaith movement and of sustainable development.• MOUNT HERMON: Majgdal Shames- Mount Hermon is the real place of the TRANSFIGURATION of JESUS...Mk 8:27 – 33.

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Jordan and Mount Hermon

•JORDAN RIVER is mention several times in Genesis, and the areas around including archaeological sites which are of outstanding universal value from the historical, ethnological and anthropological points.

xJordan Springs Banias Caesarea  Philippi where Jesus was recognized as a Messiah.jpg (141259 byte)

Jordan Springs Banias Caesarea Philippi,  where Jesus was recognized as a Messiah

•JESUS was recognized as a Messiah at the springs of the Jordan River....Matthew 16:13• Jordan River is the oficial border of SYRIA AND ISRAEL since the time of Moses who never crossed the Jordan, and I come from his family the Levi's! WE are all one family...
May Peace and Love Prevail on Earth!


Teresinha de Jesus Nacli-Napoli


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